Foreign Correspondents

Unicorns conquer Swiss Town

by Emma Borgschulte If you think unicorns are fairy-tale creatures that don’t really exist, maybe a visit to my hometown of Dübendorf, on the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland, will change your mind. If you walk down the streets here, one unicorn after another pops out of the shadows. They were part …

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The Impact of Brexit on Swiss banks

By Liv Eirin Danielsen Whilst Brexit continues to have huge consequences for the UK and the EU, its reverberations are being felt elsewhere too. Switzerland is a small country, but a giant in international banking, and with the UK being one of Switzerland’s largest trading partners, the implications of Brexit on …

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Life of Brian

By Julie Vankova Brian Keller: a gifted student who was failed by the school system. His résumé, as described by, is dramatic: at 10 he was falsely accused of setting a fire, by which time he had already committed 34 offences. At home, things weren’t easy and he spent …

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